Independent Director Services

Castlegate can provide individuals to act as professional independent directors of companies as well as corporate directorships.


Independence has become an important and essential element in the operation of a fund’s board of directors. Many stock exchanges require that a fund seeking to list has independent directors. Directors who have no executive relationship with the fund’s investment manager, advisor or any of its other service providers are able to offer a fund a truly independent and impartial service, thereby protecting the fund’s interests and those of its investors.


Recent developments and upheavals in the fund world have highlighted the importance of appointing directors that are not only independent but who also have a detailed knowledge of the industry and how it works. Only by appointing such individuals can corporate governance really be effective.

Castlegate is ideally placed to provide clients and funds with a highly professional, knowledgeable, reliable and quality driven director service. Through Niall Brooks we are able to offer in-depth knowledge and practical experience of the structuring and administration of investment vehicles.


Our directorship fees are competitive with those within the industry and based on a number of factors including type and size of fund, investment objectives, trading strategies and the overall risk profile of the fund.

Contact: Niall Brooks - Director