Fund Administration Services

Castlegate provides a full range of hedge fund and mutual fund administration services. Castlegate is also able to provide fund administration services including tax reporting to onshore funds.

Start Up and Organisational Work:

  • Introductions, recommendations and if need be, obtaining of fee quotations from attorneys, accountants & third party service providers, based on our prior knowledge and work experience.
  • Liaison with fund promoter, attorneys, accountants and fellow service providers.
  • Review and commenting on fund structure, offering documentation and service agreements.
  • Developing accounting, valuation and administrative framework, specific to the fund.

Statutory and Secretarial:

  • Provision of Registered Office (through Horizon Corporate Consultants Ltd).
  • Maintenance of Statutory books and records.
  • Ensuring compliance with local regulatory, compliance and criminal conduct laws.
  • Provision of Authorised Representative services

Net Asset Value Calculation and Accounting:

  • Preparing daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly NAV’s.
  • Preparing annual accounts and arranging the audit.
  • Maintaining the principal books of account.

Registrar and Transfer Agency & Shareholder Services:

  • Communications and reporting NAV’s and reports to investors, including online web based reporting and dissemination.
  • Maintaining register of shareholders.
  • Receiving subscriptions from investors and confirmation thereof.
  • Performance of due diligence procedures on investors
  • Making distribution or dividend payments (if applicable).
  • Making redemption payments.
  • Effecting the transfer of shares between investors (if applicable)
  • Arranging for the reporting and dissemination of share prices.
  • Circulation of audited accounts and reports.

Cash Management and Banking:

  • Open bank accounts on behalf of the fund.
  • Monitor and manage bank accounts, including settling of fees and expenses.